Sutcliife Electronics Driveway Alarms
WE MANUFACTURE & SELL BEAM TYPE SECURITY ALARMS Your security is increased by fitting hidden beam type alarms across your entrances If you do not know that you have an unwanted visitor, how can you protect yourself Driveway Alarms
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US Sutcliffe Electronics have been in business in Ashford Kent for over 30 years.  We are a small electronics manufacturer which specialises in Wired Beam type infrared Driveway Alarms.  Our  Driveway Alarm is designed for self fit by the customer, and does not require an electrician.  Most of our products are biased towards the farming community, but just because you do not own a farm or smallholding, is not a reason for not wanting to know whether someone is coming up your drive.


Sutcliffe Electronics 15 West Street Hothfield Ashford Kent  TN26 1ET  sales@drivewayalarm Tel +44(0)1233634191